I’ve been rearranging the radios around here to add a 2 meter amateur base radio and a scanner radio to my workshop. I needed another base antenna and since Centerfire Antenna is one of this blog’s sponsors I picked up one of their Deluxe Discone antennas.

This antenna is advertised as being a single-antenna solution for the folks that want to have an antenna to transmit on MURS or 2 meter as well as monitor a scanner radio. There’s also a few more unique qualities about this antenna that I should explain. If you’ve ever owned a discone antenna, you’ll recognize the flaws with traditional designs that Centerfire has addressed with their version.

This antenna is tunable for 2 meter or MURS. Most discones available now are not tunable meaning that you are stuck with whatever SWR they happen to provide. You can use an inline tuner but this is not a good option for a lower powered radio like a handheld transceiver.
The disc portion is factory assembled and uses solid stainless steel elements and the antenna is relatively compact. It’s about 40″ in height and it could easily be mounted in an attic or closet if outdoor mounting is not an option.

The antenna ships partially disassembled and takes just a few minutes to put together and tune. The mounting bracket and disc are pre-assembled. Centerfire includes an instruction sheet along with a tuning wrench, SO-239 stud and ground radial attachment screws. 2 adjustable wrenches and the supplied tuning wrench are the only tools needed for assembly and installation.

Assembly involves mounting the antenna bracket, installing the ground radials, attaching the disc and installing the tunable vertical element. These steps are illustrated below.



The final step is installing the tunable vertical whip. I also installed 25′ of coax at this point. With the vertical whip seated fully into the disc, I checked SWR and had a perfectly acceptable 1.2:1 at 147 MHz.


With the antenna on a 5 foot mast, the radio opened all the repeaters in my area, including the ones on the fringe that are usually out of range for my handheld’s factory antenna. Centerfire advertises this antenna as also being capable of transmitting on the 440 Mhz band when it is tuned for 2 meter. I do think that the vertical element would need to be shortened slightly to use on the MURS band.

I attached the antenna to a scanner radio and had reception on all of the programmed frequencies. The scanner is set to receive frequencies in the 150, 450 and 850 MHz bands. I did hear a transmission from a neighboring county. That happens occasionally with my current rooftop antenna so it’s nice to know that this antenna will pick those signals up also. It isn’t necessary to tune this antenna for scanner use, just mount the bracket, assemble the antenna and attach the coax.

This antenna is made in The USA.

It is available directly from the Centerfire Antenna website…….. LINK

or thru Amazon: